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1."Neymar felt pain in the lumbar region during the warm-up of today's training ... and was taken off and examined," Lasmar said in a video sent to reporters.。
2.The hosts thought they had opened the scoring with just seven minutes played but Julian Draxler's goal from very close range was ruled offside by the referee.。
3.In the quarterfinals, SN is to play JDG, while TES will meet European second seed FNC.。
4.Unlike beach football, standard beach volleyball is a sport of a team of two, without substitutions. To keep the contest fair, two teams must change court every seven minutes in the preliminary contest and every five minutes in the final because of the sunshine, wind and other weather elements, according to Liu.。
5.Wang pocketed a game-high 20 points for Fujian, who also got help from Wei's 19 and Sun Mengzhu's 13.。
6.PARIS, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- In a year change, one thing remains constant at Roland Garros, where Rafael Nadal is always the winner.。


1.PORTO ALEGRE, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Thiago Galhardo continued his rich vein of form with two first-half goals as Internacional won 2-0 at Bragantino in Brazil's Serie A championship on Thursday.。
2.Jia's team went through an unexpected quarantine amid the COVID-19 concerns during the Olympic qualifiers last February before entering the playoff.。
3.BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Juventus forward Paulo Dybala will miss Argentina's World Cup qualifier against Bolivia after failing to recover from a stomach problem, the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) said on Sunday.。
4.Hamilton's win also saw him take a giant step towards his seventh F1 world championship, as his teammate and closest title rival Valtteri Bottas failed to score after retiring with engine trouble.。
5.The former president of the London Olympics organizing committee inspected the track at the Olympic Stadium accompanied by the Japanese Olympic Committee chief Yasuhiro Yamashita and World Athletics CEO Jon Ridgeon.。
6.SAO PAULO, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Brazil have scope for improvement despite a convincing 5-0 win over Bolivia in their opening South American zone World Cup qualifier here on Friday, according to midfielder Casemiro.。


1.Having thrown away a lead three times against underdogs Turkey (3-3) seems to indicate a continuation of the team's winless 2020 record.。
2.Alexis Sanchez put the visitors on level terms with a cool finish in the 54th minute after a Charles Aranguiz through ball.。
3.SN was unexpectedly defeated by TL with a 3-1 lead, but the team soon adjusted by double killing G2 in two consecutive games to top Group A.。
4.RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Barcelona and Brazil midfielder Philippe Coutinho said Saturday that his hunger for success has increased three-fold after his season-long loan at Bayern Munich.。
5.At the other end Switzerland failed to force De Gea into action other than to claim a couple of centers into his area. Enditem。
6."It was a difficult time for me. After thinking hard for almost a week, I decided to retire and go to college," Wang said.。


1、LIMA, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Forwards Raul Ruidiaz and Alex Valera will miss Peru's 2022 World Cup qualifier against Brazil after confirmation of positive COVID-19 tests on Monday.。
2、The former Bayern performer claims the team needs to count on a reliable strategy.。
3、Mori said last month that Bach expected to visit Japan in late October.。
4、In the last 10 minutes, North Macedonia's Goran Pandev and Gjoko Zajkov scored respectively to capture an important point for his team. Enditem。
5、"My own family is a very ordinary one and the route I became the world No. 1 woman golfer is not as expensive as imagined. It only costs no more than ten dollars to play an hour in the driving range."。


Hebei is still winless going into the season. Guo finished with a game-high 31 points. Chen Jinting and Ma Wen added 15 and 13 respectively.!


  • 灵界 10-22

    BARRANQUILLA, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Colombia right-back Santiago Arias has thanked fans for their support after suffering a sickening lower leg injury during Colombia's 3-0 win over Venezuela here in their opening CONMEBOL 2022 World Cup qualifier.

  • 主脑 10-21

    Rwanda lags in the group without a point, Cameroon and Mozambique lead the pack with four points each while Cape Verde has two points. Enditem

  • 两人 10-20

    Caio Alexandre slotted in the visitors' second goal after Kanu's deft chip over Sport's defence left him face-to-face with Polli.

  • 地鬼 10-19

    "I did not take Barcelona's message about needing a change of air very well," Suarez said. "More than anything, because of the way it was handled, because you have to recognize when a cycle is over.

  • 力量 10-18

    The five-time world champions travelled to Peru with a full squad on Monday, having reported no positive coronavirus cases during mandatory daily tests.

  • 方因 10-17

    "We restrained their three-pointers quite well, but didn't do enough on guarding against their fast breaks," said Henan coach Li Jianxin, while expressing his appreciation towards his players' team spirit.

  • 八章 10-16

    In the fourth round of the European nations' competition, Slovakia will host Israel on Wednesday and the group-leader Scotland will face the Czech Republic in a battle for the first place.

  • 凰似 10-15

    After storming to a 3-0 lead in the first set, Swiatekb was reeled back in as the Australian Open winner Kenin began to find her form to turn the match in her favor.

  • 笼罩 10-14

    The 18-year-old Chang defeated Irish teenager Aaron Hill 4-2 in the first round.

  • 压你 10-13

    "One month and a half ago if you tell me you're going to have this trophy with you again, I will say, This year will probably be too difficult," said Nadal who arrived in Paris this year without any tuneup tournament win, the first time in his career.

  • 命千 10-12

    MADRID, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- Under normal circumstances Real Madrid forward Marco Asensio would be on international duty with Spain, but injury problems at the start of the season mean he will watch Tuesday's game against Ukraine from home.

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